Women's History Month - Visionary Women



With the start of March, we turn our focus towards Women’s History Month. This month’s theme is empowering the women that have shone a light and led progress in various issues ranging from women’s rights, racial justice, and disarmament all the way to gun control. It is important that we honor women who have dedicated their lives to achieving progress through pacification and nonaggression, so this year’s Women’s History Month takes on the theme of Visionary Women- Champions of Peace and Nonviolence. A multitude of events is lined up for this month and they will be hosted by various organizations including MICA and the Adele Circle of Women.

To kick off this year’s celebration, there was an Opening Ceremony featuring a keynote address given by Dr. May Rihani of the Kahlil Gibran Chair for Peace and Values. I had the distinct pleasure of conducting a short interview with Dr. Rihani. Dr. Rihani has devoted her life to working on girls’ education in order to attain women’s empowerment. She has operated in over 71 countries pushing for girls’ education and tackling social stigmas that often prevent girls from advancing with their education.

With Dr. Rihani’s deep commitment to the movement, I was curious to hear what her overall goal is. She responded by saying she wants others to understand these principles: “internalizing equality” and maintaining “a commitment to social justice”. As she further mentions, “We have to be fair and just to every human being” and her last principle was to “respect diversity”. As time progresses, Dr. Rihani places all her faith in the younger generation as they are the ones with the capability of achieving true change. She adds “The younger generation has proven to us to be more open, more liberal, more progressive, and more accepting of equality and diversity”. She later adds, “...this is a value system we have to live in…and the new generation finds it easier to live with those values”.

This event has properly set the tone for all the following events for what the Women’s History Month is trying to achieve. It’s not about focusing on solely one issue it’s about assisting others and fighting against injustices everywhere.

Kiana Jones