The Great Faces of Diabetes

the great faces of diabetes


Happy Women’s History Month! Last Thursday, the Students Fighting Diabetes club hosted an event called “The Great Faces of Diabetes” that was held in the Jimenez building. The event discussed many famous women in the world today who have been diagnosed with diabetes including Halle Berry, Mary Tyler Moore, Patti Labelle, and Sonia Sotomayor.

Before starting, leaders gave a quick backstory to the founding of the club. The Students Fighting Diabetes club started approximately two years ago by a woman named Morgan who was diagnosed with type one diabetes as a baby. She felt as though there weren’t any resources for diabetics to come together and talk to one another, and shortly after, started this club.

The biggest and most impactful part of the event was sharing current celebrities who have diabetes. One notable celebrity mentioned was Halle Berry, who was diagnosed as a type one diabetic after going into a week-long diabetic coma during a taping of the TV show Living Dolls. Berry has since then talked openly about controlling her diabetes. Patti LaBelle, on the other hand, is a type two “divabetic”, and didn’t find out until after passing out on stage.

Statistics show that more than 11 million women in the US have diabetes. What's worse is that there are also increasing trends in the number of women who live in poverty. This is due to the fact that these women for the most part work in small companies that provide fewer benefits and lower pay, and face significant challenges to balance job and family responsibilities. These women are also usually uninsured and lack access to health care.

If you would like to continue learning more about diabetes, follow the Students Fighting Diabetes club on Twitter at @SFDiabetes to stay up to date with events!

Kiana Jones