The Black Monologues/Juke Joint



The Black Movement made its way to Hoff Theater on Thursday, February 21st, and welcomed the greater University of Maryland community to partake in one of the many events that celebrate Black History Month on campus.

The event, aptly titled The Black Monologues/Juke Joint, took place at 7:30 p.m. It gave students from UMD a platform and an opportunity to showcase their many talents and opinions, all centered around educating the community on the many aspects of the Black experience.

Many individuals took to the stage to present monologues. Hosts Monique Wingo and Trey Huff kept the event upbeat and inspired conversations among the audience members on a variety of topics regarding one’s understanding of being Black in America.

Many participants presented a variety of talents, from poetry, to singing, to beatboxing and stepping. Audience members were able to see a wide range of talents and reflect on the contributions of Black people to the history of America while also considering the unique perspective that Black students bring to campus culture.

The event was hosted by the Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy group, known as MICA, and co-sponsored by the Nyumburu Cultural Center.

Kiana Jones