Do Better’s Pads for Kenya

Do better blog pic.png

BY: Mallory Mathis


It’s too often that we overlook how accessible toiletries really are to us. In some parts of the world, locally and internationally, there are individuals who have extreme difficulty obtaining basic needs such as toiletries. This is especially relevant to women who need specific items to make them more comfortable throughout the day. says that shortages of pads in Kenya and other parts of the world is having negative effects on girls’ ability to reach their fullest potential. The site also highlights a woman named Juliana Katini, who has been dedicated to teaching young women in her community how to make their own sanitary pads.

Yesterday, Do Better, a community service-based organization on campus, took it upon themselves to help the cause, and follow in Katini’s footsteps. Their GBM was dedicated to learning how to make reusable pads, that will later be shipped to women in Kenya.

Here’s the link to their live broadcast:

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