SSLC Presents: NetNite!


BY Antoinette Brimmer

The Student Success Leadership Council (SSLC), successfully put on the official networking event for homecoming last Thursday. NetNite allowed Black alumni from different professional backgrounds the opportunity to talk and connect with current students. SSLC is a student run organization committed to increasing the graduation and retention rates of Black students on campus through the creation and execution of large scale events that are focused on academic excellence and professional success.

The night was filled with invaluable tips from alumni on how to succeed at UMD during and post-graduation. The ultimate goal of the night was building key relationships. Alumni brought their relatable perspectives and genuine advice to the students in attendance. In addition, apart from providing smooth background music, the live band, “TenIssues”, had solo performances that stole the show in the transition time. The atmosphere of the event was pure with genuine connections and unique advice from voices that stem from similar paths.

The panel of well-qualified black alumni could be considered a sort of break out portion of the event. The enthusiastic panelists provided multitudes of advice to guide the the students as they develop their careers. Some of the advice was tailored specifically to seniors with the tip: think of your next job after graduation as your next major because you can always change it later down the line. They emphasized that students should let everything be a learning experience to better understand what they do and don’t like. One of the panelists, Erica Williams, who is a Consultant in Accenture’s Mergers and Acquisitions Strategy practice, gave advice on acting on your impulses. We have impulses for a reason, and later on we don’t want to regret not acting on them in the future. Now, being in college is the time to listen to yourself and grow from the experiences that are put in front of you.

NetNite fostered professional and personal growth in a warm and familiar environment. This, in turn, helped many black students, which is the true definition of black excellence.

Kiana Jones