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Our Mission:


We build student-led programs that empower the Black student population at the University of Maryland, College Park academically, financially, and professionally.


Our History

In March 2011, the University of Maryland geared up for a project to increase the retention and graduation rates of its most vulnerable population: Black men. Six years later, Tony Randall and the Student Success Initiative have built student-led programs that empower the Black student population academically, financially, and professionally.

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Our Organizations

Three major, student-led organizations have a home in the Student Success Initiative: the Student Empowerment Project (STEP), UMSuccess, and the Student Success Leadership Council (SSLC). There are numerous committees under SSLC who plan and successfully execute events throughout the year. Through the efforts of these three organizations, a culture of excellence has been nurtured within the Black campus community at the University of Maryland.

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Our Sponsors

We are constantly looking to foster new relationships with companies and organizations that believe in the mission of our organization. With our sponsors support, we are able to provide opportunities for future success to the Black community at the University of Maryland, College Park.

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Student Success Alliance Network

This network seeks to feature and connect University of Maryland students, staff, faculty, alumni, friends and family who are invested in the academic and professional success of Black Terps. Through this network, we intend to build community, foster connections and provide new opportunities for Black Terps to excel while at this university and beyond.

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Our Team

The leaders of all three organizations are outstanding students who have committed their time, energy, and efforts to building community and fostering academic and professional achievement among their peers. Through the development and execution of exemplary events and programs, these leaders have sought to make meaningful connections between students, alumni, and faculty.

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Student Success Emergency Fund

The Student Success Emergency Fund was created to help students face unforeseen financial difficulties or unwanted hardship to stay in school. Since its launch in 2015, this fund has worked to keep students at the University of Maryland and continues to do so to this day.

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